Infinity Waves

We are a group of professionals that share the joy and passion to create new products and revolutionary designs at affordable and honest prices. We offer a renewed and dynamic approach for an industry that has been stagnant for years with obsolete products and outrageous prices.

Our philosophy

We devote our creativity, experience and passion to innovate on existing concepts but also to design new attractions and to make them safer and more affordable.





All our products incorporate our unique all-around soft technology and design that makes them safer and more fun than anything else you can find in the market today.




At Infinity Waves, quality starts at the drawing board and it remains a priority throughout the entire process. Quality is the basis for our unmatched safety standards and outstanding durability of our products, which in turn results in peace of mind and success for our clients.





One of our main focus has always been to design for durability and affordability so our customers pay less and see profits much faster.




A renewed approach to business based on transparency and collaboration to work closely with our customers on their unique goals and needs. A serious commitment to professional integrity and socially responsible mentality to deliver fun products that truly help improve entire communities.

A serious and tangible commitment to Social Responsibilit

We firmly believe in our responsibility towards the environment and the communities where we install our products.


Reinvest 1% of our profits


Such core values are always at the center of everything we do and our designs reflect such commitment by:

  • By eliminating hazardous materials from the fabrication and installation process
  • By using local manufacturers to contribute to the local economies but also to dramatically reduce shipping costs and our CO2 footprint.
  • By increasing system efficiency to reduce energy consumption. That not only reduces operating costs but also contributes to a smaller CO2 footprint.
  • By completely eliminating all hazardous chemicals from our installation process. No gluing, no painting, no welding during installation. That simple change translates to better product quality, shorter installation times and no pollutants in the environment.

Besides our commitment for cleaner and safer products, we have a very real and tangible commitment to into social and environmental initiatives that have a direct positive impact on the planet and in the communities where we install our waves. We work with partners and customers to carefully select those initiatives that make more sense for each community.

Our hope is to, soon, be able to increase that 1% as we grow as a company. Thanks for your support