Infinity Waves – Wave Machines

Is an engineering firm passionately dedicated to design and develop wave machines and to advance the sheet wave technology. A dynamic team of engineers with over 20 years of hands on experience in this industry, we enjoy surfing and creating new forms of entertainment.

Creativity + Experience + Professional Discipline + Dedication = Fun & Reliable Innovation

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Exclusive and robust designs to provide safe, fun, reliable and affordable attractions around the world.



A simplified and improved purchase process for easiness and transparency. No more endless contracts, no more obscure clauses, expensive license agreements and no more non-sense operational restrictions. An honest and simple purchase with the best lead times in the industry.

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We make these products affordable so more people can share the joy. Affordable and honest prices for a wide range of options. We also offer custom design services.



We understand that each client has unique needs so we strive to provide unique solutions with an unmatched & excellent customer attention. Our technology allows for easy and inexpensive customization for a better project integration and outstanding visual impact.

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A serious and tangible commitment to Social Responsibility


We are a Young Company but with a serious and responsible approach to business. We are committed to reinvest 1% of our profits into social and environmental initiatives that have a direct positive impact in the communities where we install our waves.

Our hope is to increase that 1% as we grow as a company. Thanks for your support